2019 – Violence against women and (de)colonization of the « body-territory ». From wartime to neoliberal extractivism in Guatemala

in : Cirstocea et Al., The globalization of gender, London & New York, Routledge, pp 81-101.

2019 – Demythologizing Heterosexuality and Sexual Difference: The Contributions of Lesbianism as a Social Movement and a Political Theory

in : Kath Browne, Eduarda Ferreira, Niharika Banerjea, Marta Olasik and Julie Podmore (eds.), Reclaiming Lesbian Feminisms, London : Zed Books.

2016 — A Gender Perspective on Neoliberal Globalization : ‘Global Women’ in the of Military- Industrial Systems

Contemporary Marxism Review, Vol. 13, Shangaï, Center for Contemporary Marxism abroad, Fudan University.

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2015 — Analyzing Globalization from a Feminist Perspective

(2015) “Analyzing Globalization from a Feminist Perspective », Cairn International

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2010 – The couple, this painful problem: Towards a materialist analysis of lesbian loving arrangements

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